Our wood fired sauna…with a view!

Our HotHouse is a handcrafted wood-fired barrel style sauna…with a view though a half-moon window! Nestled in the forest between Raven’s Roost and Hummingbird Pod, it is open for all of our guests to enjoy private sauna sessions. We can’t wait to have you come and experience it!

Wood fired Sauna Instructions:

How to build a fire :

Lay 4 large pieces of dry firewood on the bottom, in a criss-cross (hashtag pattern), then 2-3 pieces of crumpled newspaper, then a firestarter block and small bunch of kindling sticks and birch bark on top of that. Light newspaper. Close the door part way until you see the kindling catch, then close fully but leave the ash drawer open a bit until the fire catches well, about 10-15 minutes. Close the ash drawer.

How to take a sauna:

It  is  considered  good  sauna  etiquette that  guests  take  a  shower  with  soap  and  sit  on  a  double-layer of terrycloth  towels  to  prevent  perspiration  from  getting  onto  the  benches  and  walls  where  the  oils  will accumulate  over  time. After  each  use,  leave  the  door fully  open  for  the  wood to  dry  out. Good care  should  be  taken of  the  wooden bucket and  ladle.  They  should be  stored upside  down to  promote drying.

  1. Pre-heat  your  sauna  to  the  desired  temperature  (usually  between  80-100°C) 
  2. While  it’s  warming  up,  take  a  nice  hot  shower. 
  3. Enter  the  pre-heated  sauna,  relax  and  allow  your  body  to  perspire  in  the  soft  dry  heat.  Do  not  throw  water on  the rocks  during  the  first  part  of  the  session. 
  4. Cool  off  with  a  cold  shower, bucket of water poured over yourself or  a  roll in the snow!  
  5. Re-enter  the  sauna  and  sprinkle about 1/2 cup water  on  the  rocks. This  will  increase  humidity  to  about  30%  to  assist  in perspiration. Half  a  cup  every  5  minutes should  be  enough. Too much water  will  just  cool off  the  rocks and  you’ll  get  less steam. 
  6. After  a  20-30  minute  sauna,  cool  off  in  the  shower  or  snow. 
  7. Repeat  this  sauna/cold shower  process  as  often  as  desired. 
  8. It  is  important  to  drink  during  your  sauna  session  and  even  have a  light  snack. 
  9. Like  bathing  in  a  hot  tub,  excessive  exposure  can  be  harmful  to  a  person’s  health.  People  with  poor  health should  consult  their  physicians  before  using  the  sauna. 

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