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  • 10 Unique Places to Stay in Nova Scotia

    10 Unique Places to Stay in Nova Scotia

    When it comes to unique places to stay in Nova Scotia, there are plenty to choose from. Of course, you can always choose a Nova Scotia hotel, resort or cottage but we think there are more exciting places to stay. Here are 10 very unique places to stay in Nova Scotia that aren’t hotels. 1.…

  • Composting Toilets

    Composting Toilets

    No water and no odour! Learn why our WashHouse and Comfort Station composting toilets are NOT like any “conventional” outhouse you’ve been in (or avoided at all costs) before! At Sally’s Brook one of our Four Pillars of Purpose is to treat our planet with respect. We aim to have as small a footprint on…

  • There’s always laundry

    There’s always laundry

    We don’t iron or starch our bedding and linens. Perhaps they may be just like some people we know: soft, comfy and a bit wrinkly! 😉

  • Four Pillars of Purpose

    We want to share our guiding principles with you to help you understand what Sally’s Brook is all about. Sally’s Brook is located in Unama’ki, within the unceded ancestral territory of the Mi’kmaq. These are the four pillars of purpose that are the foundation and support of everything we do here.  1. Treat the planet…

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