There’s always laundry

Picture of an unmade bed with wrinkled linens

At Sally’s Brook wilderness cabins, the first of our four pillars of purpose is to treat the planet with respect by having as small a footprint on the land as possible, which means using renewable and sustainable bed linens, laundry materials, and laundry methods.

We also respect our staff by conserving their energy as much as possible, so we don’t starch and iron our linens, keeping them super soft and comfy. Perhaps they may be just like some people you know: soft, comfy and a bit wrinkly! 😉

The ancient art of natural plant dying is returning to use with many artists and craftspeople in Cape Breton producing beautiful and functional textile works. The beauty of the gentle tones of plant dyes in browns, greens and greys remind me of the mist on the mountains across the bay.

Sometimes the the wild environment comes inside, and leaves it’s mark on our bedding. As textile artists know, organic cotton is a prime material for dying with natural plant extracts, picking up and holding colour extremely well. Since we endeavor to be as sustainable as possible with our housekeeping practices, we use eco-friendly non toxic biodegradable laundry strips and cooler wash temperatures, which are not as effective at removing marks.

We would rather continue using our extremely durable high threadcount organic cotton bedding and towels than use harsh chemicals or have them become landfill because of a tiny blemish.

If you find a small blemish on your linens, be assured that they have been scrubbed, soaked in an chlorine free oxygen-poered stain remover solution (manufactured by Nova Scotia’s Bebbington Industries) and washed at least twice with our unscented Tru Earth laundry strips to ensure that they are clean and sanitized.

We also offer dark washcloths for hand towels in the Comfort Station and WashHouse bathrooms, and appreciate guests using them instead of the white facecloths for makeup removal and cleaning heavy soil.

It all comes down to balancing our commitments to the earth and our commitments to our guests, in a sustainable fashion.

To experience our soft and comfy bedding for yourself, book your stay today!

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