Four Pillars of Purpose

Sally's Brook view of the natural beauty of St, Ann's Bay and mountains beyond

We want to share our guiding principles with you to help you understand what Sally’s Brook is all about.

Sally’s Brook is located in Unama’ki, within the unceded ancestral territory of the Mi’kmaq.

These are the four pillars of purpose that are the foundation and support of everything we do here.

 1. Treat the planet with respect by having as small a footprint on the land as possible, using renewable and sustainable building materials and methods.

2. Treat our community with respect by contributing to local charitable organizations, collaborating with, and supporting local businesses, and ensuring fair wages and working conditions for our employees.

3. Treat our guests with respect by providing them with an inclusive, peaceful, and safe retreat space.

4. Treat ourselves with respect by working together collaboratively as a family team.

Examples of our pillars in practice:

  1. Reclaimed and repurposed materials where possible. We have the walls of the old Membertou arena insulating the roof of Raven’s Roost and the CookHouse.
  2. Donation to the Englishtown Community Hall, towards the purchase of a new ventilation system.
  3. All are welcome at Sally’s Brook. Love is love. Families come in all shapes and sizes.
  4. Consensus based decision making process 

One response to “Four Pillars of Purpose”

  1. I much appreciate the declaration of your 4 pilars. I think that we all need to be cognicent of our values and live by them. Am proud to be a contributing part of the family team.

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